COVID-19 Updates and Recommended Attractions

Social Distance Movie Night!

Bring the drive-in movie theater to you with our Social Distance Movie Night! The perfect way to spend time with your loved ones in person, yet at a distance. Whether you choose to have everyone in attendance remain in their vehicles, or sit 6 feet apart in lawn chairs, Vertical Edge can accommodate your request! Our inflatable movie screen comes complete with projector, sound system and audio visual technician. All you need to provide is the DVD you wish to show!

Socially Distant Attractions

With the current unprecedented times the entertainment industry faces as we usher in summer 2020, Vertical Edge Entertainment is ready to take a proactive approach! We plan to focus this summer on utilizing our mechanical equipment rather than our inflatable line-up. Mechanical equipment, such as our carnival rides and climbing walls, allows us to take greater sanitary precautions as described below:

  • Wiping down seats and hand-holds on carnival rides after each operation.
  • Providing sanitizing stations at climbing walls so participants can easily clean their hands prior to and after they touch the climbing wall.
  • All Vertical Edge staff members will be provided with proper Personal Protective Equipment to ensure they are courteous to all participants.

Below are attractions that will allow you to fully enjoy your summer the way you always have–with family, friends and great entertainment!

Mechanical Rides

  • Dixie Twister
  • Turbo Tubs
  • Mobile Zip Line
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • V4 Bungee
  • Bumper Cars
  • Wizzer

Interactive Sports Games:

  • Quarterback Blitz
  • Full Court Press
  • Speed Pitch
  • High Striker