Drives Us?

The bursts of laughter, the random dance parties, the flourishing of people. We want to bring a smile to your face every opportunity we get because we believe in the transformative power of having fun.

Our Values


We look after one another through thick and thin and push each other to be the best version of ourselves, all the while having fun.

Committed to Excellence.

We value delivering the very best. From our service to our equipment, we work hard to always overdeliver.

Doing the right thing, Especially when no one is looking.

Making a difference.

We arrive every day inspired to make an impact through enthusiasm, initiative, and hard work.

Safety above all.

We put safety at the forefront of all set ups and procedures. Because we don’t leave anything to chance.

Play for one another.

Encourage each other to act with empathy and bring our authentic selves to work every day.

Open Communication.

Talk and solve problems together through sound communication and leadership.

The Team

After meeting Lauren in 2013, Jake quickly joined the Vertical Edge team in the spring of 2014. Jake has fulfilled multiple roles in the business since then; crew leader, logistics, maintenance and repair to name a few. After buying the business in 2019, Jake now oversees the entire Vertical Edge team and event operations as a whole. He finds passion in developing people through mentorship and creating a culture for our employees that is more than ‘just a job’.

Jake Petersen


Lauren has been a part of the Vertical Edge team since 2009 when her parents first bought the business. Working alongside her family, fulfilling multiple roles, and eventually taking over office operations, Lauren knows all the ins and outs of Vertical Edge. Passionate about making people smile, buying out the family entertainment business with her husband in 2019 was an obvious next step. Lauren now handles all office operations from sales and contracting, to bookkeeping and communications.

Lauren Petersen


In 2014 as a local high schooler, Tanner picked up a summer job with Vertical Edge. With a background in robotics and metal machining, Tanner quickly learned how to maintain and repair Vertical Edge equipment. With 7+ years of experience, he now is in charge of Vertical Edge’s fleet of trucks, and performs all maintenance and repairs on attractions. Tanner’s energy, and gusto for getting things done, leaks enthusiasm throughout our team.

Tanner Smalley

Maintenance Manager

Steven began a career with Vertical Edge in the summer of 2010. He quickly learned the entertainment industry and how to best execute a flawless event start to finish. With excellent work ethic and attention to detail, Steven has created warehouse processes that streamline the company’s logistics and operations.

Steven Ampey

Logistics Manager